The Writer


Kassie Ritman is a writer who happens to love family stories.  Helping others to learn the ins and outs of writing about family is a favorite pass time. She especially enjoys leading workshops for Genealogists and writing on her blog “Maybe someone should write that down…” The tongue in cheek writing lessons offered on the blog mingle and mix with her own crazy relatives as she writes under the thinly veiled Nom de Plume of “Mom.”

Kassie is also an active member of the Catholic Writer’s Guild, a book reviewer for Tuscany Press at Catholic Fiction dot Net, and a columnist for the ISFHWE (International Society of Family History Writers and Editors) quarterly newsletter “Columns” where she pens “A Storied Past.”  Currently she is working on a novel length nonfiction book about small town life in the Midwest, and maybe a little more stuff that should be written down!

Contact me at: ShareMeridianPix@Gmail.Com


And yep, I won in 2014. I killed it. Fifty thousand words, 25 days, lots of time left to roast that dang ol Turkey, pretty BA 🙂

My work also appears in:

SCN Online Journal

Sounds and Words Quarterly Literary and Arts

True Words

The Story Circle Network Annual Anthology 2014

Catholic Attachment Parenting Corner : the Online Magazine

Guest Blogger for PressBooks on Writing the Book on Your Family History

Flying Island Literary Journal

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