Meridian Street

Signs can be seen upon entering or exiting the historic stretch of Meridian Street

Signs can be seen upon entering or exiting the historic stretch of Meridian Street

The Meridian Street Project will tell the stories of nearly 200 historic houses and the wonderful families who’ve called “One of America’s Great Streets” home. The work of researching and initial interviewing has been going on quietly since 2015. A suite of three books is planned to properly represent the landmark street.

From Arcadia Publishing’s familiar Images of America imprint will come a format well suited to the “history-in-hand” paperbacks so loved for small towns and unique places. Meridian Street  will feature more than 200 vintage photographs with informative captions. Like all of the Arcadia titles, the cover will feature a unique photo in sepia tones (see “Boone County” at left ).

Knocking River Press will publish a story-rich book (working title Meridian Whispers). Loaded with history, this one will be available in both hardback and paperback editions. Written as a reader’s inventory of the characters, statesmen, scholars, leaders in medicine, civics, industry and the arts who have lived in, visited, or left an indelible mark on this bit of Indianapolis.

Also forthcoming, a full color photo-heavy coffee table book will be locally pressed. This work will pay homage to the past while showcasing the homes today–as many approach their 100th anniversary.

This is indeed an exciting time to be a part of Meridian Street’s story. I am deeply grateful to Elaine Klein, Jody McClain and Peggy Sabens for their enthusiastic participation and tireless storytelling.

What an incredible trio to have in my corner!

All residents, past and present are encouraged to share stories, photos, remembrances or contact information. Please email me at Kassie at Writing With Mom dot com

Elaine can supply you my personal cell phone number if you’d prefer to talk rather than type