How To Start

How to Start is written for Genealogists, Family Historians, History Buffs, Roots Seekers and Family Tree and Ancestry Researchers, here are the steps to take to help you write family stories others will want to read! Be sure to click on all the topics listed under this header for step-by-step help to get your writing project started AND finished.

It’s always best to start at the beginning…
~ Glinda to Dorothy~

 Seems like every day in the Mom mailbag, during workshops, even at the grocery people tell me they would just love to write family stories, but they just can’t get started. Right here is where you’ll find Mom’s step-by-step “How To Start.” Be sure to visit often. I’m adding and updating the content here all the time.  Also, this is where you”ll find links to resources to help you become a better storyteller. Simply click on any topic under this heading to follow along. And as always, drop Mom a line if there’s a topic you feel is missing!

For now, Click the “How to Start” tab at the top of the page to get started on a topic. Let’s start writing!