Who is this About

written by:


Full Name at Birth *was born to  *Mother with Maiden Name and any title if applicable*

and *Father’s full name and any suffix as relevant (Jr/ Sr/ the 23rd/ Earl of Grantham)*

on *date of birth,preferable with month written as a word rather than a numeral and a

four digit year.*Their place in the family’s birth order/ or as adopted or “taken in*

Anything else significant about their pool of siblings in relationship to your subject.* Add

in any nickname if known of*Family location/situation/lifestyle factors/means of

support/relevant economic situation etc.* Any change of life situation goes here–

marriage and divorce, orphaned, moved, Westward Ho, widowed, schooling, illness* Any

other unique or mitigating circumstances or events of their life–husband went off to

war–before child labor reforms etc* At the end here, is a great place to use a little scrap

or aside about the person that you have knowledge of but isn’t enough to make a larger

story about, like being famous for giving the world’s worst gifts, or always the family

photographer, or raised coon hounds*

Here is what this looks like as a “fill in the blank” form.  Use your own judgement. This is your project. If you need to add many different locations where the family lived during their early years, or throw in the insertion of a step parent into the family mix etc.  Just sort of follow along with this order and you should be able to stay on a track that your reader can follow:




___________________was born to _________________and

___________________on ________/__/____. She/He was the____________of

their________________children. ____________was often known by the (nick)name

______________. The family


____________________and made their living mostly

as/from______________________.A change in their lives


He/She was always known


That makes it all look a lot simpler now…doesn’t it?