Big Writing Helper

OldDesignShop_WaspAndBee1a-1896 This was NOT written by me, it was passed to me by an elderly English Teacher. The piece covers the evils of writing in passive tense which we are all prone to! Read it and remember the story and it will help your writing immeasurably!

Killer Bee’s

Click on the above to access the pdf file. Note that I didn’t name it, apparently the ironic and hilarious title of the actual piece (The Killer Be’s) was lost on the person who originally named the pdf file 🙂

…and frankly, I enjoy that!…

You can find more by this Grandfather of the Creative Nonfiction genre (that’s what you’re writing in, whether or not you were previously aware) by seeing his books on Amazon:

2 thoughts on “Big Writing Helper”

  1. Wow! You are my find for today! Especially The Killer Be’s. Many years back, while writing a dissertation, I needed this article. 😉 I was know as the Queen of the Passive Voice. Did make finishing take a lot longer….. You have a wonderful site. Know I will be visiting often.


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