Sweet Memories and History

Mmmmm…Some memories are oh so SWEET!

...you deserve a donut...

…you deserve a donut…

I used to tell myself this quite often–at least when I had about $1 on me.

When the bus from the country off-loaded us kids at the old Junior High in Lebanon–you know–the one that used to be called the Old High school, before it was just “the High School,” and long before Hoosiers borrowed the gym to make part of a movie in– but back when the wooden floors between science and social studies were warped like whitecaps on the Pacific.

Long before they tore the really good part down, the buses dropped kids off there day after day. Do you remember that?

And every morning as we exited those buses, the little white doughnut shop sat waiting for us. It wafted rich scents of sugary maple, cinnamon, and jellied delights right up to our noses. That little place just churned out the sweet smell of temptation. An irresistible aroma hung around in the morning air, waiting for us to step out of the bus and take a quick detour down the sidewalk.

That’s when I would think to myself: Self, you deserve a doughnut~Oh, and a carton of chocolate milk too šŸ™‚

Now, if I am not mistaken, this little doughnut shop that was responsible for my Junior High weight gain, was the Grandfather of the one I decided to stop by on my way home from Purdue yesterday. I’m thinking there’s been one Titus or another baking up delights for more than a couple of generations.

I wonder how many other local, family owned and operated businesses there are in our county? Mounts comes to mind of course–so does Dull’s. Boone county has a hefty share of Hoosier Homestead Farms which is quite amazing! Kern, Kirtley and Herr has been painted on the side of various elevators at least since I could read…but there have to be some more out there.

Does the HiWay Hut qualify? How about the little diner in Jamestown? Mr Albers and his very shiny, fancy automobiles…I sure miss Adler’s Dress Shop and a few other places. I’m glad that Cowan’s Cubbard will go on, but I’d love to spend a few more hours at Mr Mason’s bookshop, or at Adam’s Rib–eating “who knows what!”

One of my very favorites is gone now. The Smith’s Super Service Sinclair gas station with the smiling dinosaur sign. And, smiling Mrs Smith (Rachel) who let all the 4H kids call their homes to tell mom the meeting at the Firehouse was over–and the long counter of the world’s best selection of “pick and choose” candy! Her husband, Cecil, put air in my salty, unmatched tires more than once when I’d stop for $3.00 worth of gas as a teenager.

Ah, but those are just the few I remember–while eating my donut, and chugging an icy chocolate milk!

Who have I forgotten, and who did I miss out on? Please take a minute to add a few. Just be sure to have a donut handy!