State of Boone Frog Plates

On a shelf of Honor at the Lebanon Library–and perhaps on every plate-rail or knick-knack display in the county–HAVE ONE? Share a photo of it on this page for a chance to win a free copy of the new book! See details below


Share Boone Stories is a project started in the interest of future generations that will be best completed over friendly cups of coffee, long telephone calls and the many kindnesses of friends and neighbors. 

The purpose of the project is to compile a book of stories, photos and legends concerning the “All things Boone” to coincide with the celebrations of Indiana’s 200th birthday in 2016.

How is it Happening?

Lots of driving–and lots of getting lost–is underway already. I grew up in Boone County, and I used to know the whole place–as they say–like the back of my hand. Now, well– Not so much

I grew up near the tail-end of Shephardsville Road. My City-Slicker dad built our new brick ranch there, mostly in the evenings after he got off work in the city and over weekends in 1964 and 65. The lot was an acre gifted to Mom and Pop on Grandpa Everett’s farm. Once Pop finished the house and we moved in, Grandpa promptly sold the balance of the old farm, and moved to the suburbs of Monrovia in Morgan County…but that’s another story.

When I say we were near the end of the road and the county, I do mean the end. Back then, ours was the last house before the county line. Anyone who drove across the bridge south of our house could fall right into Hendricks county and probably never know the difference.

My, how times and farm fields and landmarks have disappeared and rearranged! Nowadays, our Little House on the Perry-Prairie looks like a caretaker’s cottage. Someone built a big mansion in the old farm field that backed up to our yard on the “upwind” side, where we kept the trash burner. I guess that’s what you call “progress.”

Change aside, some “Boone” things remain the same. Every fifty years or so, We the Citizens–who’ve scattered to all corners of the globe–come together in spirit to celebrate the ground we were raised on. Connected by our pioneering sensibilities, we never fail to “do it up big.” When a national, state, or local anniversary rolls around Boone County celebrates! We have parades, dedicate plaques and monuments, hide away time capsules and write historical remembrance books.

Heck we’ve even had special commemorative plates made that none of us will ever be allowed to eat off of!

I’m not sure I’ve ever been in a home in this county where I didn’t see one of the above plates proudly displayed!

So you can guess why this project is close to my heart. I was born at Witham, raised in Boone County, spent my K-12 years here and can find a good 50 percent of my state-side ancestors permanently at rest under these rolling acres of grass and wildflowers. If you would like to know a bit more about me just click About the Writer, or ask around. Chances pretty fair we are 4th or 5th cousins–with or without some “removeds” thrown in.

If you would like to help, I’d sure love to hear from you! Just click “Contact Me.” The more people we hear from, the better this story of us will be!

Sign up in the little “Email” box on the left and about once a week, you will get a mini newsletter in your inbox. There you can follow along to see the kind of stuff I’m trying to find and perhaps offer up a recollection or story or suggestion of your own. Don’t worry about getting too much email about this–I don’t have time to write real often. I’m generally busy writing the book part of this project–or trying to find my way back home 🙂 .

Would you like to win a free copy of the finished book due out July 4th 2016? Enter by sending a photo of YOUR family’s treasured “Frog Plate” and the place of honor it holds in your home in the comments box below. Or, if you prefer, send it via email and I’ll post your entry for you. Be sure to include your contact info (it won’t be made public). We’ll have a random drawing from all entries received and announce the winner during the last week of June. In the meantime, we can all enjoy seeing how many “Frogs” are still out there…how far they’ve traveled…or how close they’re stayed to the home pond!