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Let’s face facts… I am “Special.”  I am the oldest child of two oldest children.  My grandparents were the oldest children in their families (well, at least 3 outta 4 were).  This goes back to my Great Grandparents.  Needless to say, I come from a long line of bossy pants! 

When I had successfully chased down this fact along with other fascinating family trivia, I couldn’t believe the kinfolk weren’t standing up to applaud.  In fact, most of my family would  leave  the room when I mentioned my latest genealogy discovery.

Then it finally dawned on me, what everyone liked (a lot actually) was hearing the stories behind the photos and the stats.

Or, the tales of living at a certain address on a census page.  Clearly, it wasn’t that my effort was unappreciated.  What made them run screaming.. was the paperwork involved.  All black and white, no flavor, just the facts Mam.

So I took the lead (imagine that ) and started writing down the stories, keeping score of who was who,  and gathering the memories before they were swept away with the dust bunnies.  This is how I  got everyone to join in and actually enjoy the journey toward “back in the day!”  This is how you can do it too!

If you would like help on how to write about a specific topic, or have suggestions for a post topic, please feel free to put a note in the comments box and I’ll get right to it!

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