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My Pop as the BA biker-boy that he was.

My Pop as the BA biker-boy that he was.

Today Maybe someone should write that down… has gone off on a field trip with Mom. I’m guest blogging on the PressBooks site, writing a quick synopsis of the How to Write a Book series. You can read Writing the Book on Your Family History by clicking the link. I don’t know if they recognized how many “Mom-isms” are peppered in to the article…see if you spot them 😉

Next Tuesday, I hope to report back with too many photos from Son’s Indy Car experience…he’s doing a 2-seater ride around the famed oval, speeding across the yard of bricks at 200+ mph. I want to get him wired for sound so I can hear a 20 year old 6’7″ young man scream his way around the famed Indy 500 track. I’m looking forward to that being a great story…perhaps after he’s had a few hours to regain his voice.

Maybe someone should write THAT down…