The Official State Legislature Approved Hoosier Pie

Woman's Glory--the Kitchen  a publication of the Slovenian Women's Union of America. My gift from Aunt Udi

Woman’s Glory–the Kitchen
a publication of the Slovenian Women’s Union of America. My gift from Aunt Udi

This was originally posted on my other blog around Thanksgiving in 2012 as my son’s team was getting ready to head for the State Championship Football Game (which…spoiler alert….They Won!).

I am still Nano-ing my brain into a mush-state. I think I now officially have the “corporal tunnels” all the way up through my elbows, and on searing deeply into my shoulders. I believe the pains will eventually converge at the center point of my poorly postured, hunched over the lap-top back :). Next week will be (still November) and surprisingly also posts about food…..

But we all seem to be on a bit of a hungry kick, and I did owe a family story this week…so here goes

It’ll make you Famous!PD_0070



I am officially elbow deep in Thanksgiving Food Prep.  Yes, of course everyone comes to our house for the big Dinner Wing Ding.  This honor falls upon Mom because I am directly descended from two “Large Food” women.  Both of my Great Grandmothers were production cookers in their own right.  Grandma Fern cooked up huge batches of all sorts of stuff, put it on a wagon with the big harvest table, hitched the mules and drove it out to the fields for the “help” each day at “dinner.”

Diminutive Granny Kate (seen above) was a tiny women who was said to be so tough that she could “whip her weight in wild cats.”  I would have never questioned that.  She ran both a restaurant with a full serve tavern, and a huge traveling food concession on the summer fair and carnival circuit.  Grandpa couldn’t help much, he was busy running his Monkey Circus and other side show attractions.

As I slog my way thru a couple gallons of pumpkin pie filling, a mountain of potatoes to get peeled and a stupid Turkey that still isn’t thawed, I thought it would only be right to share a favorite recipe of mine.  It’s called Finger Pie (or Sugar Cream pie as it is known formally as the one and only Official Pie of Indiana).  Everyone loves this stuff.  It’s an easy, yet archaic recipe that you seldom see home made these days.  Why?  Because it will make you famous if you can eat more than one slice in a sitting and not trigger a cardiac event of some sort.

Being named after the wild cat fighter, I like it because it always kicks the @#$ of all the fancy desserts the in-laws bring over.  I’ve even taught my granddaughter so she can wear my food mantel some day.

Here’s finger pie (pay attention Darlene’s daughter-in-law!)

Into a pre-made pie crust (get the Pillsbury, no one is looking) pour in a cup and a half of white sugar.  Sounds good already! 

Add and gently fluff together to stir (with your fingers…derrr!)  3 Tablespoons of all purpose flour. 

Now for the fun.  Add a cup and a half of heavy cream.  Yep, I said it… the real stuff!  Slowly WITH YOUR FINGERS stir the cream and the sugar/flour mixture until the sugar no longer feels gritty.  You really do have to do it with your fingers.  Too much stirring will cause the cream to “whip”….word of the day… and your pie will be awful.  Also, don’t get in a hurry and make a mess, it’ll look bad.

Sprinkle a little Nutmeg over the top and carefully put into the oven (350…you knew that).  Bake the pie for about an hour.  It looks like a science experiment.  The pie actually bubbles and gurgles while you bake it.  Carefully remove it from the oven.  At this point it will still be pretty “sloshy” and hotter than you know what.  The top should have some caramely- brown color evenly across it.  Cool completely before cutting.