Looky What I Found!


Have you ever found something, that wasn’t exactly lost, but you had forgotten you had in the first place?

That’s what happened to Mom this week. I have a snazzy “just for looks” chest in our entry hall that’s a great place to lose your keys, stack mail and pile up things wrestled away from the dog. The other day, I took a deep breath, squinted my eyes and started opening up the drawers–something that was long overdue–a leap of faith and a possible health risk!

To my surprise, I only found several year’s worth of planners, datebooks and assignment notebooks. Oh, and the dog’s registration papers 🙂 I was fully braced to find the mystery hiding place of something horrid like the “I’m sure the Bunny left 36 eggs, not 35” Easter 2008 incident.

I sifted through all in the assorted sizes and conditions and bindings, carefully sorting them by year. I was a bit excited and a lot relieved. These found volumes were cause for a good five hour walk down memory lane. That’s pretty much my idea of a Party!

The best discovery in the pile of datebooks was less obvious than the unearthing of fond memories. As I leafed through the pages, I found important evidence of achievement, progress and accomplishment! Sitting on the floor, leaning against the seldom used front door I found solid reasons to celebrate.  Inadvertently, I had documented these by a series of weekly, sometimes daily, “to-do lists.” Fastidiously, all that I had set out to do, I had checked off as I finished. This was solid evidence of how far I had come in my project of chasing the dead and resurrecting their stories.

Wow! I said in a rare moment of patting myself on the back…How had I  achieved all this stuff while simultaneously cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, working, volunteering, feeding every high school volleyball team and football player for 6 years, on top of raising my own kids, breaking up carpool fights and lending an ear to broken hearts over first loves, season ending injuries, and varsity cuts?

I relaxed next to the fancy-schmantzy chest and smiled. The piled up calendars scattered around me on the floor represented a lot of earned successes!  Happily I knew that I’d chased all this for so long out of love and admiration for those before me–some who I never knew–and also for those who will be here long after I’m gone. In that moment I realized there would be some who will read the stories I write without having ever known me! Imagine that one…

What a trip!

So I aim to challenge you this week to look around and find the little traces of things you have started out and finished up! Look for your lists with their check marks of completion. We’re all so busy chasing the next item on our lists, we forget to celebrate all the steps we’ve worked toward, reached, and moved forward from.

Best of all? The legendary Easter Egg #36 of 2008, remains lost; a merciful controversy bordering on myth. 

I think Maybe someone should write That One down 😉