White Gloves and a Fight to the Death

Oh we're going toward the light!!!

We’re going towards the “Light” in this one!  Do you ever have a dream sequence where you feel like a cross between ~ well~ let’s say Sherlock Holmes and Indiana Jones ?  

 I posted about my sister’s big-find Bonanza in a post named “Sis hits the Jackpot.”  My oh my, what a chord this one struck.  I have some requests out to various  academic, professional and highly opinionated experts to “chime in” on many of the points raised in the story.  Further inspired by the INCREDIBLE collection of Judy of http://www.Greatestgenerationlessons.wordpress.com I decided that I probably needed a new “category” on my blog.  One where we would have a center ring, and the “experts” could fight it out…

Maybe then we could find accurate and reliable answers to some of the conundrums we all experience.   This would be an on-going event so all would be free to throw any controversies in the middle for topic explorations and fisticuffs if need be.

One of the nagging conundrums that I wanted to address has to do with the fantasy and daydream tangents that I am prone to…

…I am busily engrossed in being the curator of my own little treasure trove of familial goodies.  In this delusion, I generally see myself dressed in a  Jessica McClintock frock mixed with a Ralph Lauren and Downton Abbey-esque “get up.”  I sip tea (though in real life I don’t really care for it much) and I peruse my hoard of treasures with my highly decorative, yet functional, magnifying glass.  I have special acid free wrappers and storage boxes.  A heady aroma of fresh cut Peonies and Lavender wafts in the air.  As an unspoken testament to my professionalism I wear white cotton curators’ gloves…wait…what?

I never see people wearing these on the History Channel…what gives?

If I am truly to be the caretaker of all this excellent family history and memorabilia, I really should have a clue how to properly handle and care for it…

So, off I went searching, and this fascinating article is what I found.  Now, in true Mom fashion ~ Truth be damned ~ I will continue to wear these gloves in my fantasy world…but the reason that real-live curators no-longer wear them sure does make sense.  Read on:

THE LINK BELOW IS THE UPDATED / REVISED ONE.  As Genealogy Lady pointed out, the originally posted link wasn’t working correctly…This is what I love about blog readers who care 🙂

http://archive.ifla.org/VI/4/news/ipnn37.pdf  please note this is a pdf link to the original document, you will have to scroll to page #4 to read it.  The authors seem pretty legit.  However, since this subject has stirred it’s own bit of “choosin’ sides” I will continue to research it and let everyone know.  I think I’ll do some face to face interviews instead of believing that everyone on the internet is a french model.  

Meanwhile, if you would like to learn the ways of Jessica McClintock and her fabulous world and lifestyle check out her book “Simply Romantic Decorating ~ Creating  Elegance and Intimacy Throughout Your Home” by Jessica Mc Clintock and Karen Kelly

Since I already own a copy of that book and have Ralph’s website “favorited” on my desktop, I will be trolling ebay and Amazon for real white cotton curator’s gloves and maybe some more “fancy” ones…wonder if I can type in those babies?


Thanks to OldDesignShop dot com for this inspiring and authentic Lady’s Fashion sketch from a 1915 holding in her collection

Some of you who have been hanging around with Mom for a while may recognize this revised edition of a post originally added a while back.  As I am working this month to categorize and organize all the info to make the site more user friendly, I am also “resurrecting” some of the oldies but goodies